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Complete Septic System Inspection

Ensure your septic system is working properly when you have an accurate and reliable septic tank inspection from AAWWW Crap Septic Service, LLC. Our Jacksonville, North Carolina, company offers septic tank installations and inspections for residential and commercial properties. We keep you updated on the state of your septic system to provide assurance, as per guidelines of the Inspector Certification Board.

Have Your New Home Checked

Become aware of any issues that are prominent in a property before you buy a house. This keeps you aware of critical safety features for your new home purchase.  Much like you would have a property inspector check your home to look for problem areas, we look at your septic system to keep you and your seller aware of the current state of the septic system.

Save Money on Future Repairs

Stay ahead of your sewage issues by preventing large incidents from occurring. Anytime there is a major issue with your septic system that was neglected, it tends to be costly and requires a great deal of manpower. When you address these issues ahead of time, you'll save money by having us handle it before a problem occurs. We take many pictures so your system is well-documented for your records. Inspections outside of Onslow County include a mileage charge. The price of the mileage charge is dependent on your location. We offer a 5-day turnaround once the inspection is complete.